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Home Security: All Thumbs Guide Robert W.  Wood

Home Security: All Thumbs Guide

Robert W. Wood

ISBN : 9780070717503
144 pages
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 About the Book 

In tough economic times, the number of burglaries rises and the costs of insurance soar. So, home security is on everyones mind. Homeowners and renters can ensure the safety of their dwellings without turning to high-priced security consultants, however. All they need is Robert W. Woods Home Security, new in the TABs All Thumbs series. Here, Wood explains step by step how to install outdoor lighting, position shrubs and plants to deter entry, secure doors and windows, wire indoor and outdoor movement sensors, install burglar and fire alarms, mount iron grills and protective window shutters, and much more. Absolutely no electrical experience is necessary to complete the projects in this book. Flawless installation is guaranteed, even for those who have never attempted any kind of home improvement themselves. The security measures described here are easy and inexpensive, and, if combined effectively, they can substantially reduce risk to family and property and result in reduced insurance rates.