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Tarzan dans la jungle (Tarzan, #6) Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan dans la jungle (Tarzan, #6)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

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 About the Book 

I enjoyed this addition to the series. I found it interesting that in book 6 Burroughs decides to explore how Tarzans mind works, how he differs from the apes and how he feels about being different--for that matter how the apes feel about him being so different!Burroughs explores the idea of God in the mind of a primitive. He explores the idea that when your primary activity each day is finding sufficient food and avoiding becoming someone elses food, you simply do not have time to develop higher thinking. In other words, animals cant contemplate God. Only Man, who has the luxury of leisure has time to contemplate God.He explains a bit of Tarzans extraordinary intelligence--the fact that he taught himself to read the books in his parents cabin by creating his own interpretation of the alphabet. He assigned the letters sounds that he was familiar with from his ape language. That was very interesting.He also explores mythology and myth building. What would the primitive mind have come up with when looking at the moon and its phases? How would this uneducated ape man interpret the moon and the stars. How would he explain them?I for one am glad that Burroughs took the time to tell us more about Tarzan--something besides his strength and adventures. It made him a much more interesting character.